Annual Meetings

This is an overview of annual meetings, their announcements, proceedings, and minutes, presented in reverse chronological order.

Minutes from Annual Meeting 2022

Posted: 2022-06-03

The minutes are now available after proof-reading.

Agenda for Annual Meeting 2022-05-26 20:00 UTC

Posted: 2022-05-19

Official agenda for the annual meeting:

  1. Register members and votes present
  2. Elect chair of the meeting and minute taker
  3. Process annual report / accounts
  4. Process received proposals
  5. Determine membership dues
  6. Elect the board

The meeting will be held via Discord as a video conference. If there are technical hurdles, the meeting may be moved to a different platform such as e.g. Whereby, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Link and connection information will be posted to the Wizards' board and on the Wiz channel in-MUD.

We recommend that all attendees also attend in-MUD, in case there is a need for written communication.

It is, of course, fine to attend audio-only.

Call for Annual Meeting 2022

Posted: 2022-05-11

The annual meeting of 2022 shall be held as an online conference on 26 May 2022 at 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST).

Source: Call for annual meeting 2022 (plain text, as posted to the Wizards' Main Board on 2022-05-11).

2021-11-14 - founding the organization

The non-profit VikingMUD organization (NO 928 266 400) was formally founded at a video conferenced members' meeting on 14 November 2021. The meeting was held in English, voting on bylaws and an organizational board. As a matter of representation, the members agreed that ideally, there should be at least one board member not from Norway. Voting was unanimous among the members present.

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