Service Agreement, Terms and Conditions

This document constitutes Viking MUD's Terms and Conditions for service, and the Service Agreement ("Agreement") between you and Viking MUD.

Amendments and Revisions of the Agreement

This Agreement was last revised on 08 August 2018, and replaces all previous revisions.

  1. You accept that Viking MUD may amend or revise this Agreement and any policies or agreements at any time.
  2. For material amendments or revisions, Viking MUD shall endeavour to provide at least one week's advance notice, via our news page and in-MUD news.
  3. For minor updates, such as fixing typos, presentation, or clarifications, there will be no advance notice.
  4. By continuing to use our services, you accept the revised Agreement.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions:
    Persons with administrative privileges in the game, also called Admins or Administrators, who have the in-game "Admin" level.
    Contributor, Developer, Maintainer, Creator, Architect, Wizard
    Any person contributing, developing, or maintaining code or content to Viking MUD, including but not limited to game content, game mechanics, documentation, web pages, etc.
    "Multi-User Dungeon", the game itself.
    Any person playing the game.
    Player character, character
    An in-game persona representing the person playing the game.
    Any person using our services.
  2. Fees and payment: All services provided by Viking MUD are free-of-charge.
  3. Term of service, renewal, and termination: Services are generally not time limited, there is therefore no renewal. You may terminate the Agreement by deleting your player character(s). For user accounts that are independent of player characters, you may also terminate the Agreement and request account deletion. We may suspend or terminate accesses and/or privileges, or terminate the Agreement, if you violate this Agreement and its linked documents, or any parts thereof.
  4. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): Services provided by Viking MUD may not be used for any purposes that Viking MUD, at its sole discretion, may find unacceptable. Basically, do not violate in-game rules, do not spam, do not violate other people's immaterial or material rights, and do not engage in any form of crime or otherwise illegal or antisocial behavior. Our complete AUP is available in a separate document (
  5. In-game rules: By playing Viking MUD or contributing to Viking MUD, you agree to follow the MUD's in-game rules for players and contributors ( You also agree that the Administration arbitrates these rules, and may delegate powers and responsibility.
  6. Contributor/Developer agreement, code and content license: By contributing to Viking MUD any code or content, you grant Viking MUD license to keep, use, and maintain your contributions for as long as we exist. You guarantee that your contributions are free of restrictions for such use. You guarantee that as a contributor, you will respect people's privacy and other rights. For full details, please see the Contributor Agreement.
  7. Confidentiality of account and login information: Your password is confidential, and the combination of your player character name/user name ("login information") is also confidential, and this information is your responsibility. Tell us if confidentiality has been breached!
  8. Warranty disclaimer: We make no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, in connection with this Agreement or any of our services. Use the service at your own risk.
  9. Limitation of liability: Viking MUD shall not be liable and disclaims loss for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind.
  10. Force majeure: In the event of Force Majeure, neither party shall be deemed in default or shall hold the other party responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement. Should the force majeure event persist for a period of more than 30 (thirty) days, Viking MUD may at its option terminate this Agreement.
  11. Entire agreement: This document and the documents it references are the complete Agreement and terms of service, superseding previous agreements and documents regarding the same subjects.
  12. Severability: If any part(s) of this Agreement is found invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that only affects the parts in question, not the entire Agreement.
  13. Disputes: Please contact the Administration to raise any disputes or questions relating to this Agreement. You are not required to do so by law, but we want to solve any issues amicably.
  14. Governing law: This Agreement's jurisdiction is the Kingdom of Norway, under the court of Oslo, in accordance with Norwegian law.
  15. Language: This Agreement is executed in the English language. Translations may be inaccurate, if in doubt, please refer to the English version.

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