Contributor Agreement

This document constitutes Viking MUD's Contributor Agreement between you and Viking MUD.

  1. By contributing to Viking MUD any code or content, or modification thereof, you grant Viking MUD perpetual, royalty-free license to:
  2. You may also grant additional rights, such as right to redistribute or resell code or content, by providing Viking MUD additional, specific permissive licenses of your choice, AKA dual-licensing. Such licenses may not revoke Viking MUD's perpetual license to use, copy, maintain, modify, and erase your code or content.
  3. Viking MUD cannot accept any code or content that Viking MUD is not free to handle as described above.
  4. You are solely responsible for whether your contributions violate our AUP, and particularly third parties' immaterial or material rights, such as copyright or trademarks, or is in any form illegal.
  5. You guarantee that your contributions neither violate such rights nor are illegal.
  6. By way of your contributor access, you may gain insight into information of a private and personal nature. You agree that you will respect other people's privacy, and strive to not gather or use personal information unnecessarily.
  7. If Viking MUD is made aware of contributions that violate such rights, and you cannot prove that you hold the necessary immaterial or material rights to the contribution, or your contributions are illegal, we reserve the right to remove or modify such content, and to revoke your contribution privileges.

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