Wizard Rules


    Additional rules for wizards on VikingMUD, the long version.

    The rules must not be taken too literally; they are not perfectly
    formulated.  Remember that normal rules apply to wizards too
    ("help rules"), except for the part about "robots" -- just don't
    send too many commands at once, please.

    First of all, as with the normal rules, it is important to use
    common sense. If there is anything that seems even the slightest
    bit unclear, contact an arch wizard or an admin, preferably
    someone in the Law team for interference, QC for coding/testing,
    mudlib for coding technicalities.

    If an arch fails to respond within a few seconds, don't despair!
    Wait for a few minutes.  Many of the arch wizards spend their
    spare minutes at work by being active on the MUD, and when
    actually working IRL, they may take some time to respond.

    Arch wizards are not strictly bound by these rules.

1.  Interference

    A wizard is no longer a part of the mortal game.  S/he/it may
    never interfere -- directly or indirectly -- with the normal flow
    of the game.  The exception is of course adding features to the
    game (see point 2).  This also means that you may not use your
    wizard for _any_ mortal character's benefit.

    It is not allowed for a wizard to walk around in areas they
    haven't got read or write access to ("help grant" for other
    wizards' directories), unless that area is the guild area (guilds
    may have internal rules about this, please respect them), or the
    backbone area (anything found in the directory /room/), or
    permission is granted from an arch or the maintainer of the area
    in question.  If the wizard has read or write access to an area,
    it is assumed that the wizard _knows_ what s/he/it is doing, and
    that it won't interfere with the gameplay.

    See "help interference" for more examples and different wording.

2.  Adding features to the game

    A wizard may not let objects into the mortals' game without
    having it approved by QC (Quality Control).  The command "help
    arches" will tell you who these people are.  This includes
    "testing" an item or an object.

    Coding things that otherwise help players without the approval of
    QC is likewise illegal.

3.  Test characters

    If you have a test character, make sure it is registered in
    /room/admin_room.  A test character may not be a wizard, but 
    is regarded as one as far as rules go.  The rule about
    multiplaying from "help rules" does not apply for a testcharacter
    when logged in at the same time as the wizard it belongs to (but
    only then).

4.  Privacy

    Wizards should respect other players' privacy.  Checking other
    players' inventory, entering other players' and wizards'
    inventory, and so on may not occur unless the player/wizard in
    question approves, or a bug is suspected, and there are no arch
    wizards present to deal with the situation.

5.  Code

    Be careful with what you code.  

    Certain kinds of code may cause the MUD to freeze or crash.

    When coding commands and objects of your own, do not code objects
    with the aim of getting accesses and privileges you normally don't

    Also be careful about meddling with other player objects.  Severe
    cases may result in an action from Law.

6.  Disk usage

    Your directory is not very personal.  This means that you should
    not place things you consider confidential there.  Also, it's not
    your private storage space.  Don't waste disk space on non-MUD
    related files, as that would occupy space Viking needs for other
    purposes.  Non-MUD related files, such as large tar/arj/zip
    archives, pictures etc., may be deleted without notice before the
    space is needed by an arch wizard.
7. Multiplaying

   Wizards are also bound by the rules for multiplaying. The exception
   is wizards of level 36 or above. These wizards have proven 
   themselves as developers and are allowed to have mortal characters
   logged in to the game.

Wizards not following the above rules may be demoted, shut out from
the game for a certain time, banished or have their site locked out,
depending on the severity of their actions.  Any other means seem fit
may also be used.

Use your wizardhood wisely.  It is a privilege, not a right.

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            "What the heck do you mean by game interference?"

        Well, the best way to make people understand what we mean is probably
        to give a few examples:

        1. Don't patch mortals. (To patch means to modify their stats or other
           attributes, such as money and experience.)

        2. A wizard may help a mortal who's stuck due to a bug by teleporting
           the mortal out of there, but not restore the mortal's lost stats
           etc.  That's left to the arches.  But make sure that it really is a
           bug, and not a game feature!  If you are not sure, ask an arch or
           the creator/maintainer of that area, and don't do anything unless
           you don't get a response in ten minutes or so.

        3. Don't walk around in open areas (other than those you have
           read/write access to, _if_ you _know_ that it won't disrupt the
           game).  This might trigger things in the area you don't know about.
           This doesn't apply for the "backbone" area (Larstown, eastroad,
           rooms found in /room/.).  Use the "creator" command to find out;
           "backbone" should read "Your delicate mind senses that this is a
           part of Odin's original creation.".

        4. Don't clone (fresh, load, patch, updir, whatever) anything from an
           open area of the game without the explicit permission from the
           creator and/or maintainer of that area.  Also don't attempt loading
           or accessing any objects in open areas without said permission.

        5. Don't generate misleading messages, such as "Connection closed by
           foreign host.", "You die.", "Dios approaches you with murder in his
           eyes." , or set titles/pretitles making you appear to be something
           you're not.

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