Simplified Privacy Policy

This document is a simplification of our complete Privacy Policy.

This simplified Privacy Policy briefly explains how Viking MUD processes personal data. All personal data are collected, stored, processed, transferred and disposed of in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act (Personopplysningsloven) and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This simplified Privacy Policy last revised on 07 August 2018, and this version replaces all previous revisions of the document.

  1. Who we are and how to contact us: Viking MUD is run by current and former players of the game, a multi-user role-playing game operating in Norway. Our contact information can be found on our contact page.
  2. Personal data we collect from you:
    1. Player character registration data (character name, password digest, e-mail address, gender identity)
    2. Information you voluntarily add to your player character data
    3. System account user data, such as user name, password digest, e-mail address, or other contact information, IP addresses, e-mail account data and metadata, files, code, and content
    4. Data that is automatically collected when you use our services:
      • By playing the game
      • By using in-game features, such as talking, chatting, writing board messages and writing in-MUD mails
    5. Other collected data:
      • Web server access logs
      • Email server logs
      • Other automatically generated system logs
    6. Our webpages may also make use of cookies, which may be used to identify individual persons. Cookies are used to ensure the proper operation of web areas that require a login session, and for related user preferences.
  3. How we use your data:
  4. How you can access, update, delete, or restore your personal data: All player character access happens from your MUD login, all system user access happens via SSH access.
  5. How we share your personal data:
  6. Transfer of personal data outside EU/EEA: There is no systematic transfer of personal data to parties outside the EU/EEA.
  7. Automatic processing and decision-making based on personal data: Viking MUD may use any and all supplied data for in-game processing, content, and decision-making. Data may be subject to automated checks for syntax and correctness, and be flagged for manual inspection.
  8. Dataportability: On request, a representative of the administration may provide you with your personal data in a standardized format, e.g. CSV.
  9. How long we keep your personal data: Some personal data is stored indefinitely, and some is deleted when the player character is deleted. System account data is also tied to the existence of the account. Logs are usually kept for up to a year, but may be kept far longer for archival and historical purposes. Remote backups are subject to Domeneshop AS' backup retention policy.
  10. Why we store some data for a long time: Most of the information we store, is archival and historical, and not actively used. Very little data is directly usable for identifying real persons, living or dead.
  11. Your right to complain: If you are a natural person residing in the European Union or European Economic Area and you believe that our use and processing of your personal data are not in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or any other applicable legislation, you have the right to complain to the Supervisory Authority in either Norway (Datatilsynet) or in your country of domicile.

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