Viking MUD Organization - Agenda for Annual Meeting 2024

Posted on the Wizard's board on 5 May 2024.

The annual meeting of 2024 shall be held as an online conference on Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 20:00 UTC (22:00 CEST).

Please read the current bylaws.

The full agenda is identical to the preliminary agenda posted on 21 April:

  1. Register members and votes present
  2. Elect chair of the meeting and minute taker
  3. Process annual report / accounts
  4. Amendment of bylaws
  5. Process received proposals - no proposals have been received
  6. Determine membership dues
  7. Elect the board
  8. Close the meeting
  9. After-meeting "open mic" session

5 May 19:10 UTC: Proposed amendments to the bylaws are now published.

Three board members' terms are ending, and the positions are therefore up for election/re-election for a period of two (2) years (2024-2026):

The following board members were elected in 2023 for a two-year term ending in 2025:

As per the bylaws, anyone with a wizard (or higher) who has paid the membership (currently free-of-charge), have the right to attend, to vote, and are eligible for election. Administrators have two votes each, all other members a single vote each.

The board urges any candidates who wish to serve as a board member, to stand for election.

On behalf of the VikingMUD organization's board, Dios, Chair of the board

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