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October 2010

2010-10-03 13:14 UTC

Our web pages are back, but some of you may still get redirected to this page ( for the coming hour or two, depending on your ISP's DNS cache.

If you are running Windows, or a recent MacOS, your computer may have an internal DNS cache service. Mac users may therefore experience an additional hour before the DNS cache is cleared, but you can override it like this:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

Windows users need to disable the DNS Client service, since the service is not compliant with Internet standards, and does not flush its cache the way it's supposed to. Disabling the service works differently in various Windows versions, so providing instructions here is counter-productive. Please refer to your local Windows expert if you don't know how to manage system services.

2010-10-02 12:38 UTC

Both the regular MUD and the testmud seem stable, and now I think we have FTP back up, too.

2010-10-01 18:39 UTC

We have managed to get the MudOS driver up and running, but we are a bit unsure whether it actually runs well or not. Please be patient, and expect some bugs as we try to figure out what needs fixing and what does not!

September 2010

2010-09-30 07:35 UTC

There were some unforseen problems yesterday, delaying the time until we're back up again a bit more.

2010-09-30 16:40 UTC

Several home directories for local users are now back up.

We face an interesting challenge in software compatibility due to more recent OS version than we previously used, but we will deal with that as best we can. For those who cares: we will attempt to go 64-bit in the OS kernel, with a mixed 64- and 32-bit userland.

2010-09-28 07:15 UTC

We could not complete installation last night, the work will continue tonight and Wednesday evening.

2010-09-24 11:45 UTC

The root disk is definitively not cooperating. We need to substitute a new disk and restore from backup. This is a fairly time consuming operation, and it must therefore wait until Monday.

2010-09-24 01:45 UTC

Hafslund Nett repaired their damaged power cable tonight, disconnected power from their diesel generators around 00:25 UTC, and restored power around 01:15 UTC.

Regrettably, the server hosting the MUD and related services is not okay, this second round seems to have messed something up with the root harddisk.

Fixing this problem during the night is problematic, but we hope to have it in order before noon UTC. (If not before noon UTC, then not until Monday.)

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