News Archive 2009

March 2009

2009-03-03 12:10

The MUD is experiencing technical difficulties (initially caused by a disk full condition on the server). We're looking into the problems right now.

February 2009

2009-02-13 09:10

The hardware upgrade will most likely happen next week (2009-02-16 - 2009-02-22).

2009-02-05 00:45

The downtime previously announced in late 2008 is getting near. It appears that we will receive shipment of the missing pieces of hardware this afternoon, and the work on migrating to a new server will start as soon as possible.

Actual downtime cannot be accurately predicted, not in terms of when the downtime will start, or the duration of the downtime, because it will have to happen rather quickly after the hardware has been delivered. Do not plan long-lasting in-game investments that depend on MUD stability for the next week! We apologize for the inconvenience.

2009-02-02 09:50

We had a minor network outage today, from 09:25 to 09:45. The reason is a small matter of miscommunication regarding our colocation service. We will have to switch to the new hardware soon, preferably yesterday. :)

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