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December 2006

2006-12-21 08:56

The facility where Viking MUD's computer is located had a brief power outage around 06:00 UTC. While Viking is on a UPS, the UPS power failed within two minutes, in spite of the UPS claiming it was at 40% load and had 25 minutes capacity. Power has been restored, but Viking was not back up until around 08:00 UTC, when Dios got to work.

November 2006

2006-11-27 16:23

Congratulations to Bambi, who retired as admin yesterday!

October 2006

2006-10-20 15:50

Congratulations to Gaeius, new Administrator :)

July 2006

2006-07-18 14:23

The upgrade went well, if only a bit slow.

2006-07-18 11:51

Yet another system upgrade (the kernel again) at approximately 13:50 UTC, downtime is expected to be less than 20 minutes.

June 2006

2006-06-28 15:07

The upgrade went well.

2006-06-28 12:38

The server will be rebooted at approximately 14:35-14:45 for a system upgrade.

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