News Archive 2002

December 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened

November 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened

October 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened

September 2002

2002-09-24 21:47

Bambi has been promoted to administrator. Dios plans to retire. Film at 11.

2002-09-21 23:30

At 20:58-ish, Viking went down because the computer room it was in was being recabled. It came back up again 22:58, thanks to helpful sysadmins at the university.

August 2002

2002-08-27 14:39

The mud was down from around 01:00 UTC this Monday (26th of August) until today about 14:35. The reason for the downtime is as yet unknown, though the computer had been down HARD.

2002-08-14 00:34

We had some long-lasting, "invisible" problems with mailman, our mailing list package. The mailing lists "admin", "help" and "law" have probably been out of order for the first half of August.

The problem was fixed tonight, and the lists seem to be working again.

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System Information

July 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened

June 2002

2002-06-27 10:39

Seems like we forgot to enable Bugzilla again. Fixed now.

2002-06-20 19:57

Forgot to post this; we have upgraded to Apache 2.0.39, hopefully in time to avoid some l33t h4xx0R d00dz from abusing the security hole we (and everyone else) had in 1.3.24. If not, it's a bit of a bother.

May 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened

April 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened

March 2002

2002-03-26 14:10

On Sunday 2002-03-24, we suffered from an unnanounced power outage again. It was (supposedly) just a short blip, but enough to kill Viking and force a reboot. After reboot, the box should have booted properly with a recently compiled Linux kernel, however, the appropriate network adapter driver hadn't been compiled, and was missing after boot-up.

Today, a friend of Dios -- Johan Grasmo, who also has a computer in the same computer room -- installed a UPS, which Viking now shares with two other computers. Johan also helpfully rebooted Viking with the older Linux kernel, thus bringing us back on line.

February 2002

Nothing particularly interesting happened, though the last power outage in January went okay.

January 2002

2002-01-28 19:14

This is a reminder that there is a pre-announced power outage tomorrow at 17:00 UTC, lasting for up to two hours. The MUD will shut down some time before that.

2002-01-22 18:55

The planned outage today from 17:00 - 19:00 ended around 18:30. Please mark the next planned outage at the same time next tuesday.

2002-01-17 11:56

There are pre-announced power outages on the following dates:

  1. 2002-01-22 17:00 - 19:00 (Tuesday)
  2. 2002-01-29 17:00 - 19:00 (Tuesday)

2002-01-17 11:47

There was an unexpected power outage between 10:15 and 10:16; all the computers in the computer room without UPSes went down (no, Viking doesn't have a UPS, *sniff*). The computer went back online at 11:18.

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