News Archive 2000

December 2000

2000-12-19 06:03

No solution yet for the gateway problem (see message dated 2000-12-15 13:04 further down), and the problem persists as aggressively as before.

2000-12-15 13:18

Restructured the older news section a bit: renamed it to "News Archive" and split up by year.

2000-12-15 13:04

We've finally confirmed that there are some network problems that affect Viking. One of the gateways in Oslo (belonging to the University Network) has been rebooting once in a while since Tuesday (2000-12-12). The problem has been reported to Cisco and "escalated" to someone who might do something about it sometime.

November 2000

2000-11-14 23:27

We just had a brief period of downtime (after a crash) to deal with increasing disk usage on the partition the mudlib resides on. Instead of being pretty close to a limit, there is now more than 1 GB of disk space available. This should ensure stability on the disk side, at least.

Later, we'll have a downtime to make sure that the system directories have more than adequate disk space, too. This will be announced well in advance.

October 2000

2000-10-25 18:12

Viking is 10 years old in February next year! What should we do to celebrate? Please log on and contribute with your ideas on the adventure guild gossip board!

September 2000

Nothing particularly exciting happened.

August 2000

2000-08-25 13:37

Since Google offers a nice search feature, we've added that. Let's hope it works okay, because it's free.

2000-08-23 15:30

Thanks to Kniggit, our MUD FTP system now support passive mode, which should come as good news to those of you stuck behind a firewall.

2000-08-20 01:44

The operating system was accidentally upgraded from Debian slink to Debian woody. There was no downtime because of this.

2000-08-05 04:37

The local network connection was down from 2000-08-01 16:15 to 2000-08-04 15:02. The reason for this outage is unknown, and still being investigated.

July 2000

Nothing particularly exciting happened.

June 2000

2000-06-19 09:04 UTC

We had an accidental reboot due to minor hardware issues. While we were down anyway, we upgraded with a 9 GB harddisk and 100 Mbit network connection.

2000-06-07 15:02 UTC

Looks like we got to keep our power anyway. Oh well.

2000-06-06 13:00 UTC

Our network and computer will be without electrical power between 14:00 and 20:00 UTC tomorrow, 2000-06-07. All services will be completely unavailable in that period. Expect some delays in getting the MUD back up.

May 2000

2000-05-12 14:53 UTC

Moving worked.

2000-05-12 09:13 UTC

     Viking MUD is changing IP address.

     We're scheduling downtime from 14:00 UTC (16:00 European, 10:00
     Eastern US, 07:00 Pacific US) TODAY, May 12 2000.

     It is uncertain for how long we'll be down, but we'll try to
     make it less than three hours.

     Viking MUD's new address will be: 2001   (the same as now) 2001          (new)

     Dios, 2000-05-12 09:13 UTC

April 2000

Nothing particularly exciting happened.

March 2000

2000-03-23 10:57 UTC

The MUD driver went down at 05:05 with a segmentation fault, and wouldn't come back up again, since the offending object was among those that get preloaded at bootup. The problem was reported by -mail at 10:38, and fixed within 20 minutes.

2000-03-01 17:05 UTC

Changed the information structure of the web site slightly, updated the introduction page.

February 2000

2000-02-28 15:08 UTC

Severe local network problems (packet loss) hit us between 2000-02-25 21:11 and 2000-02-26 05:57, as well as between 2000-02-26 11:00 and 13:00. The cause for the problems is unknown.

2000-02-08 00:20 UTC

The old web page style was replaced by a new and improved(TM) version, hopefully a bit more friendly and less boring.

January 2000

2000-01-25 17:26 UTC

We lost network connectivity for several hours. The reason for the lack of network connectivity is unknown, though we know that our system probably was the only one affected.

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