News Archive 1999

December 1999

Nothing particularly exciting happened.

November 1999

1999-11-24 16:25 UTC

The computer was moved without prior notice, which caused a pretty immediate shutdown of the MUD before the move. The MUD restarted automatically at power-up at 16:42.

October 1999

Nothing particularly exciting happened.

September 1999

1999-09-09 13:44 UTC

Power failure over much of central Oslo at 13:11, and we don't have a UPS. Automatic reboot and MUD restart at 13:16.

1999-09-09 12:05 UTC

The MUD went down as scheduled for downtime at 11:29, but for some reason, didn't want to come back up again.

1999-09-07 21:20 UTC

The network connection went down again after an upgrade of the Linux kernel, because of configuration sloppyness. The connection was down from 16:44 UTC until 21:06 UTC. The problem was solved by people on site, which was why it took some time.

1999-09-04 00:50 UTC

From Sunday 1999-08-29 to Friday 1999-09-03, Viking MUD and all system services were unavailable.

Our network connection went down because of an anomaly in electrical power in the computer room, which resulted in a damaged network card that had to be replaced. Unforseen problems with configuration of the replacement card caused extra delays.

February 1999

1999-02-25 20:00 UTC

Viking moved from the University of Trondheim, Norway (, to the University of Oslo, Norway, and upgraded the hardware from a Pentium 100 with 96 MB of RAM and a 5400 RPM SCSI disk to a Celeron 300A with 128 MB RAM and a 7200 RPM UW-SCSI disk.

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