Some enterprising people have made home pages for a few of Viking MUD's guilds, while the rest are without any descriptions on the web.

GuildWeb pageIntroductionWizard in charge
Blue KnightsThe Administration
FrostThe Administration
The Khartagian ArmyDrake
The Krylitz School of MagicIlumed
The Merchants GuildLittle is known of the mysterious merchant guild that has settled in Larstown. They seem to gather riches from delivering trade deals and executing secretive contracts. Anyone who wants to become rich by trade would do well to seek one of them out and ask about initiation into their order.Azatoth
Monk GuildThe Administration
Runewalkers GuildCryzeck
PaladinsThe Administration
The ShamansBrainstorm and Cryzeck

In addition to these guilds, there are a few guilds who prefer to be a bit more discreet, and perhaps even secret.

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