Here is a brief description of the guilds of VikingMUD

GuildIntroductionWizard in charge
BerserkersLong, long ago, in the faraway lands of Soblak, in the tiny village of Branyle, a cult of bloodthirsty barbarians came out of a tiny hut and from there stormed the world. With unyielding furious rage, these berserkers proved to be extremely effective warriors, with their abilities to channel their fury towards their foes, swinging their twohanded weapons with such ferocity that they more than match the best warriors of more civilized lands. They headbutt, cleave, bearhug, swing and throw their way through any foe, life off the lands they barrage through, and sacrifice their victims to mother rock by hacking them to pieces.The Administration
Blue KnightsThe Guild of the Blue Knights have been here since the beginning of these ages. It was first created by Lord Murky, and later rebuilt by Lord Ringer. The Blue knights are warriors of neutrality, fighting both good and evil. These knights are known for their defensive abilites, so they become what they wear and wield.The Administration

The Explorers are a merry band of people. Not so large of growth, but strong at heart. Eager to explore and seek out the farthest point of the universe.

The Regular trivialities of life, like combat, wealth and fear of death is not for the. Only Exploration is important. And quest of course quest solving. Quests to explore and quests found in the world.

FrogsFrogs are one of the oldest guilds on VikingMUD and it is a good place to start your MUDlife, since as a Frog you would get a lot of useful spells from the beginning. Frogs do not have so many combat-spells but rather a wide spectrum of spells which can aid you in almost all situations.Frogo

No mortal knows the exact number of Ice Gods because no mortal has been allowed into their sacred domain. For thousands of years, only a few special wizards were allowed to speak directly with the Ice Gods.

The Ice Gods only talk with the founder and keepers of the Frost guild. The keepers of the guild talk to the Ice Gods. They bring news of spells and laws from the Ice Gods to the members of the guild, in this way, the members learn what the Ice Gods wish of them The Ice Gods live atop the Frost Mountains in a fortress made of ice that no mortal dares enter. Their domain begins at the beginning of the Frost Forest and spreads throughout the mountains. No one is sure exactly how large it is.

The Administration
Frost Druids

Deep in the frozen wastelands northwest of the Frost Forest, north along the frozen river running by the village of Torlynn, lies Trymheim, the ancestral home of Thjazi the giant and his daughter Skathi who later became Skathi Ondurdis, the goddess of skis and winter. When her father was killed by the gods, she was given the hand of Njord, the god of sea and ships, as compensation. They could not agree on where to live, by the sea at Noatun, or in the mountains at Trymheim, so they split up. Skathi then married Odin and began learning mystical powers from him, and begat with him many sons.

From this, Skathi set up an Order of Frost mystics, skilled in the hunt and the hearth, and wielding the awesome and terrifying powers of Niflheim, the realm of eternal winter. She taught them the three Ways of power.

The Way of the Beast, with its deep understanding of all the beasts who call Niflheim and the frozen winterlands around the mountain fortress of Trymheim home.

The Way of the Hearth, with its sturdy mindset, craftiness, creativity and fellowship needed to not only survive, but thrive through the cold, harsh winters.

The Way of Winter, with its communion and command of the terrifying and awesome power that can be found from the eternal winter realm of Niflheim.

HealersThe Healers have taken oaths before the great Goddess to harm no living being. In return for these oaths she has granted them the knowledge of divine healing. Acting as a focal point for Her powers, they roam the lands and sustain all life within.The Administration
The Khartagian Army

The Army of Karthago, the city that was destryed by the Romans was once the finest army in the world. Led by fieldmarshall Mago it was nearly unbeatable.

Unfortunately Karthago gained too many enemies, and was unable to fight them all at once. During a campain against the Greeks, the Romans struck with their entire force and wiped out all civilians and burned the city.

The Krylitz School of MagicIlumed
The Merchants GuildLittle is known of the mysterious merchant guild that has settled in Larstown. They seem to gather riches from delivering trade deals and executing secretive contracts. Anyone who wants to become rich by trade would do well to seek one of them out and ask about initiation into their order.Azatoth
Monk GuildIn a quest to achieve enlightenment, Mirg established the Monastery far north along the Eastroad, high atop a cliff, and invites like- minded seekers of serenity, enlightenment and balance of spirit to join him. Though Mirg has since ascended to a higher plane of existence, he keeps a close watch on his disciples.The Administration
NecromancersDeath, the final chapter in human life. For centuries people of all the worlds have been studying it. For some this has become an obsession and a way of life. The Necromancers are the ones who draw upon the dead for their magical powers, skulking in graveyards looking for fresh corpses, and some even worship death as a deity in itself.

The Necromancers are feared throughout the universe, few beings can put such terror into a human as a Necromancer with his powers of death. Have you ever come across a walking dead? If you have, you can be sure it was a Necromancer who called it back from the dead. Because no one but the Necromancers and the gods have this power, to undo death

Runewalkers GuildMany decades ago, the magical runes of Matouci were discovered by seven little dwarves that were out and about digging for treasures. Little did they know at first of what they had uncovered. As time passed and their rune mines were dug ever deeper, the realization of the stones' powers grew into their minds. Not wanting to share their treasures with anyone, they decided to stay underground and guard the secret. Only the lowliest of adventurers are let into their site. As a Runewaker you are always on the lookout for runestones. Without them, you are nothing. You have no powers. What other guilds take for granted, a Runewaker has to strive for. No adventure will ever be alike, as there are approximately a hundred and fifty different runes that you can combine in any way you choose to create your own spells.Cryzeck
PaladinsThe paladins are holy warriors, fighting evil throughout the lands. Only those pure of heart can become paladins and to prove themselves they undergo the dreaded Paladin Tests, where failiure is said to mean death. Those few who pass the tests gain forever the blessings and gifts of the good Gods that fight the evil, corrupted Gods in the universal battle of Chaos versus Order. The order of the Paladins is know well for their fighting abilities, their skills in laying devastating runes on weapons, and their tight friendship within the order, but equally so for their strict code never to hurt creatures of Good. Thus is it that a Paladin must always be very pure of heart othervise the gods will deny him their blessings.The Administration
SamuraiFor the Samurai, in some ways his decisions on how to succeed are relatively simple. He essentially has to harmonize a constituency of two - his Lord, and his "Bushido" code or value system. In fact, one could argue that the Samurai only has one master; his value system, as loyalty to the Lord is an intrinsic part of the code. Another constant of Samurai life is continual training for excellence.Brainstorm
The ShamansThe shamans are great warriors that inherit the long lost knowledge of the powers of nature. Shamans are divided into three different classes; restoration, elemental, and enhancement. Each class having different ways of using their powers and knowledge.Brainstorm and Cryzeck

In addition to these guilds, there are a few guilds who prefer to be a bit more discreet, and perhaps even secret.

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