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This page contains news and general information about Viking MUD, such as scheduled downtimes, important announcements, or explanations for recent problems. The most recent events come first, nearest the top, while older events drop towards the bottom of the page. For older news, please see our News Archive.

September 2016

2016-09-09 09:35 UTC - Dios

I bungled it again, sorry! The MUD was down from 06:03 UTC to 09:27 UTC.

The good news is that the server has been migrated to new hardware, which should be more reliable. The old hardware was getting unreliable, and based on experience with other servers of the same age, it should have failed in 2015. ;) The new hardware has a few more years left in it. :)

But again, sorry! There shouldn't have been any downtime today, the migration was planned for a later date.

2016-09-09 09:43 UTC - Dios

A mishap during live VM host upgrades resulted in a VM guest crash. This should not have happened. Sorry!

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